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“VZN Group has been a key partner in the successful, “smart” growth of our company. As a first time business owner and novice to the world of accounting, I trust VZN to help keep us in-line and on-target to reach continued, sustained growth and profitability.”

~ Kent S.
Business Owner, Toledo, Ohio

VIZION Financial Services Opens for Business

Toledo, OH, October 31, 2008 – VIZION Financial Services, a personal wealth planning and management firm, recently opened for business in Toledo, Ohio. A subsidiary of VZN Group, LLC, VIZION is spearheaded by Denise Monaghan, CPA, and was launched to educate customers on the need and benefits of long-term personal financial planning, and help them establish and meet objectives to gain financial freedom.

“In the face of today’s economic uncertainty, it’s more vital than ever for individuals to have a sound financial strategy that will meet their present and future needs, from everyday living expenses or an unforeseen emergency to college tuition for their children and retirement,” stated Denise Monaghan, director of the VIZION launch and operations. She continued: “Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many people do not have a plan in place – leading to credit problems, lack of sufficient funds in times of urgent need or worse. More often than not, people just don’t know how to create a budget that will address today’s – not to mention tomorrow’s – needs, or aren’t sure how or where to start with the planning process. That’s where VIZION comes in.”

Monaghan explained that while every customer has a unique financial point of reference, VIZION begins each client relationship by reviewing income, debt and expenditures, then works with the customer to set goals and establish a plan to meet them. “After getting a plan in place, we stay in frequent contact, providing support, advice, and the little push that some clients tend to need to get them over the bar. In many ways, we see our role as that of a coach more than a consultant,” she added.

Denise Monaghan is licensed by the State of Ohio as a certified public accountant and has over 15-years experience in the industry. In addition to leading the establishment of VIZION, she is employed by VZN Group. Earlier this year, she successfully completed an intensive four-day certified counselor training course through nationally renowned financial strategist Dave Ramsey at his headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee. A former accounting instructor at Owens Community College, Monaghan has been instrumental in the promotion of personal financial education on the regional level. Recently, she introduced a Sylvania-area non-profit organization and various churches to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University – a 13-week DVD course. She also referred the Gifted and Talented Education departments of the Sylvania and Washington Local School Districts to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ new fourth, fifth and sixth grade financial literacy curriculum, Feed the Pig for Tweens. Significantly, Feed the Pig has been subsequently adopted for use in the fourth and fifth grades of all Sylvania School District elementary schools for the 2008-2009 school year, and is expected to be used in over 35,000 classrooms and taught to over 1 million 9 to 11-year-old students across the country within the next year.

VIZION Financial Services is co-located with VZN Group, LLC, at 5900 Renaissance Place, Toledo. VZN Group, LLC, is an experienced CPA firm that provides personal and business financial services including accounting, tax preparation and planning, consulting, and bookkeeping for national-level as well as regional clients in the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan communities of Sylvania, Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg and Monroe.


VZN Group, LLC, is an experienced CPA firm that provides a host of financial services, ranging from accounting, tax preparation and tax planning to consulting, bookkeeping and beyond, for clients of all kinds, including individuals and small-to-medium size businesses in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan communities, such as Sylvania, Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg and Monroe, and others throughout the nation.

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